Maywood Environmental Park Family Session

I’m so excited to share this Maywood Environmental Park Family Session with you today! We could not have asked for better fall weather. Partly sunny and sixties is almost unheard of in Wisconsin at this time of year. The trees were even sporting their gorgeous fall coloring still! Now, I don’t want to think about what winter will bring — if you are from or have lived in the state of Wisconsin you know what I mean — but I know that I am loving this weather right now!

Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0011.jpg
Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0012.jpg

Hanging with the Mosser’s is always sure to be a good time complete with lots of laughs and this one was no different. Sara and I went to undergrad together at UW Oshkosh. Recently one of my memories on Facebook popped up featuring Sara, it was ten years ago. (I may officially be old now that I can discuss a memory from undergrad that was ten years ago but whatever.) It was a photo that Sara took of me sitting on her kitchen floor, opening a wine bottle with a pliers and a corn cob holder – we were super resourceful haha. This story is similar to many we share together. I am so grateful for all the experiences we have shared and her friendship through the years.

Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0013.jpg
Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0014.jpg

During our session, we wandered around the park finding all the best spots for photos. Jackson did so well, especially considering he was sick the week leading up to our session, had a slumber party the night before and we scheduled the session on daylight savings. Nate showed off the most phenomenal turkey noise and it definitely got the smiles from Jackson. I will admit that I missed Jackson’s first couple smiles because I was so caught off guard by the variety of noises that Nate is able to create. I tried several times to replicate it but fell short. It’s now on my list of things to learn.

Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0015.jpg
Maywood Environmental Park Family Session_0016.jpg

Sara & Nate,

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these family photos for you. I had such a great time with you and, as always, our time together was too short! We definitely need to plan a time to get together – maybe a weekend up North or something – where our families can hang out, the kids can play and we can drink wine and chat.


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Delafield Doggos Session ft. Remi & Aida

I’m so excited to share this Delafield Doggos Session with you today!

Delafield Doggos Session_0003.jpg

Rachel and I go way back. Not wayyyyyy back, but way back. We were random college roommates our freshman year at UW Oshkosh turned besties that ended up living together for our whole undergrad careers. The amount of memories we share are too many to count. As I write this the flash of memories that spring to mind are our times shared in South Scott Hall – particularly when Rachel was sick with H1N1 and I dutifully Clorox wiped all the surfaces of our room several times per day. Then there was the time during a silent awkward elevator ride when someone complimented my rain boots. I enthusiastically went on to explain with great detail, including hand gestures, that I could “step in water yay high and my feet don’t get even get wet.” Or the other awkward silent elevator ride when a guy complimented my earring, saying in a very monotone, drab voice – Hey…. I like your earring…. *ding,* Doors open. Then there was the time at the Appleton Mall that the guy working at McDonalds asked it we were twins. He was mind-blown when we explained, and insisted, that we weren’t. Once we got out of the dorms the good times just kept rolling over to Prospect street where we threw the most epic glitter party for Rachel and Leigha’s birthday. To this day I avoid glitter because, as we found out cleaning up, you really can never clean up glitter. I’m sure there are many, many more memories – enough to fill a novel.

Anyway – Rachel reached out a few weeks ago wanting to do a photo session with her sweet fur babies. In my Client Experience & Style Guide I encourage clients to think outside the box when picking locations because the possibilities are truly endless. With dogs its certainly helpful to find somewhere that the dogs are able to run around and hang out and burn off some energy but most places like that are crowded with other dogs. Well when Rachel and I were discussing locations she just says something along the lines of – “oh, I can rent the dog park, should I do that?” My response – “Huh? You’re gonna rent a dog park – damn girl!”

Slight backstory for some context – Rachel just finished school to be a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), I know what you’re thinking and yes! Rachel is smart as H-E-double hockey sticks.

We talked some more and I expressed concern that a dog park rental would be awesome but that it may be expensive. She explained that there was one she could rent for $20.00 per hour. WHATTTT??? So we set it up and let me tell you – that park, tucked away in a Delafield WI, is the a magnificent dog park. Much more sprawling than I had anticipated and $20.00 per hour is a steal!

We had such a great time during the session, which was basically me playing with Remi and Aida, the sweetest rescue dogs ever. They love their dog mama to death. Their relationship is so sweet. Both of them were so excited and during our whole session I was wishing I had brought my dogs along for a play date. Rach – we have to schedule one in the future!!

Check out these amazing sneak peeks!

Delafield Doggos Session_0002.jpg
Delafield Doggos Session_0005.jpg
Delafield Doggos Session_0004.jpg
Delafield Doggos Session_0006.jpg


Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this session for you. I had such a great time with you and the puppies! Congratulations on your new degree and your new job! You will be amazing and your profession is so lucky to have you. I can’t wait for us to get together soon!!


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